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What to see in Karpacz

Karpacz is a city located in the mountain valley, so there should be choosing to be prepared for a lot of attractions. Entertainment in Karpacz is a very well developed, and the offer is made in such a way that will satisfy even the most demanding and przyjezdnego capita.
 In Karpacz There are many places and objects that are mandatory in the list of every tourist. For this type of places we can certainly include the Church of Wang, who is the only such building in Poland. These churches are still among others in Norway. Karpacz attractions are so rich that surely will satisfy both the adults and the youngest ones. All ages can benefit from the ski lifts, which have different degrees of difficulty, so even a novice winter sports enthusiasts will feel safe and comfortable. Being in Karpacz we go on a toboggan run, which is available throughout the year. Held there in the winter downhill sledding, sled in the summer are replaced with special trolleys that can reach a speed of up to 35 km per hour.
Karpacz also has a rich cultural. The most popular sites include sports museum and a museum of toys. Located in the city is also home of the culture in which they are different types of activities, including dance lessons, singing or acting classes. Do not miss a walk on prepared trails, so that more Karpacz on each side.
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